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Privacy Policy

We undertake our privacy policy very sincerely and are obligated to being absolutely clear with the information we use. Social Promotions Online ensures the security of the customers in regard to the commitment and need of our website. The privacy policy is connected with the principal site with administrations and items provided by:

Our Privacy Policy describes:

The choice offered by us – update and access to information

The way information is used

Why and in what way information is collected by us

Personal Information:

We may ask for personal details of the individuals visiting our website for the first time. They are provided a virtual form and asked to fill up their personal data. Clients are also asked to provide youtube links and username. The clients have full control on visiting our website whenever they want.

Use and Share of Personal Information:

The information/data collected on this website are our property. Only we have the access to the data. We don’t sell or share any information provided to us to any third party. All our clients have control over the information they share and there is no compulsion.

Random Data and Ads:

You may provide with random data using telephonic, letters or mail feedback. It will only be used to improve our website. Also, we offer marketing data to the individuals who have signed up for our mailing list.

Protection and Precaution:

We value your privacy so we adhere to strict security information. We provide necessary security and legitimate information and storage of data. Only our employees would access your personal data if/when required for anything particular.